FeedFolks is in its third week of pilots across Los Angeles.

We bring food from farms to needy families in LA.

What are your services?

We help local communities coordinate the delivery of farm produce boxes. This includes providing the forms to identify vulnerable stakeholders, collect orders and donations, and find volunteers. The orders are routed through our software to provide the fastest itinerary for volunteers to deliver the boxes.

The organization name

This project is called FeedFolks and was set up for COVID-19 by a coalition of volunteers.

Who is your fiscal sponsor?

One Nation Life, EIN 81-4853056
Please contact us to arrange a tax-deductible donation.

How much of the total purchase/donation goes directly to farmers who supply the produce?

Purchases and donations go to farmers supplying the produce after credit card fees and sales tax. Any carryover is used to buy more donation boxes.

What is the method of collecting purchases/donations

Payments are currently made through Paypal.

Tax-deductible donations are collected by One Nation Life.

Where will the funds be deposited?

Into the bank account of our fiscal sponsor or our Paypal account, which is then paid to the farmers.

Are box recipients happy?

"Thank you for the incredible produce box! It was such a treat to receive such a bounty on Easter (: I made 2 quiches with the Swiss chard and kale!"
“Thank you for the incredible produce box! It was such a treat to receive such a bounty on Easter (: I made 2 quiches with the Swiss chard and kale!”

Recipients have been posting on social media. For example, Anna sent these photos of quiche!

How large is the food box?

This is the box delivered last weekend.

What do the boxes contain?

Boxes contain seven or eight fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. Last week included a selection of broccoli, kale, lettuce, swiss chard, mandarins, zucchini, cucumber, and beets. No meat is included.

Is the produce certified organic?

All of the farms we are currently using are certified organic.

Will the volunteers be provided gloves, masks and hand sanitizer for their safety?

It is up to each community organizer to ensure that their volunteers are wearing gloves, masks and using hand sanitizer.

Can individuals buy boxes for themselves?

Individuals can purchase produce boxes, but these are not tax-deductible.

How do you find and identify residents in need of a food box?

We rely on the local community organizer to identify vulnerable residents. They have local existing social ties and relationships and are best suited to make these decisions.

I wanted to thank you for your kind donation of the produce from the farm! I am basically a vegetarian and loved everything that I tried! The flavors that came from these veggies and fruits were far more flavorful and fresh than what I have gotten from the store. And, getting to the store hasn’t been easy! As I am sure you are finding too. it was wonderful to have the fresh produce, but your thoughtfulness and generosity meant so much to me. Thank you again!


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